These Black Beauty Hair Products Went Viral on TikTok... But Which Ones Work?

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By Destiny Davis

We Tested 5 Black Beauty Hair Products for Women That Went Viral on TikTok... Here's What We Found Out!

( Black Hair Care ) - Unfortunately, for most women of color it’s inevitable that their hair will start to thin and break over time. It’s been happening to me since I was in my late teens and it always bothered me. Sure, thin and dry hair can be normal, but obviously we’d all love that Queen Bey hair. 

Instead of looking for the best wigs, I started researching natural ways to activate hair moisturization and softness that are simple and obviously… EFFECTIVE. 

Recently, more brands are releasing hair products that can help provide the right nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants to trigger hair growth, full of moisture and softness. 

Of course, there are now dozens upon dozens of hair products for black women that claim they work, but it’s hard to know what’s actually effective AND safe. 

Recently, I turned to  TikTok to see if I could get some real-life testimonials of products that worked.  TikTok  is a great place to find recommendations from experts and customers who want to share their experiences.

So I put my best product reviewers to the test to find the most viral TikTok hair products for black women that don’t require unnatural and harmful methods.

Let's Get Started


Effectiveness: 96%

Quality: 100%

Price: $$

Overall: A+

This is by far our favorite hair product for activating hair follicles and seeing consistent healthy growth for thicker, softer hair. Chebeauty Chebe Hair Butter Not only has it always been known for strengthening and growing Afro hair, but also as being extremely effective in preventing split ends and breakage, as well as moisturizing hair in a healthy and consistent manner. We found out about Chebeauty when they offered us a secret 20% discount code SECRET20 . For accurate results we checked it out for three months, using it 2-3 times per week along with their companion Leave-In Conditioner. Several of our reviewers reported significant growth and thickness. This really is our top recommendation, and we encourage anyone who wants a full, soft mane of hair to check it out for themselves!

By far, Chebeauty’s Chebe Hair Butter , is the most effective hair growth product for Black women on the market. 

2. Hair Fortune Co. AYURVEDIC HAIR OIL

Effectiveness: 87%

Quality: 89%

Price: $$$$

Overall Value: B+

Hair Fortune Co. is a Houston-based natural hair treatment brand particularly concerned with healthy hair growth. We’ve tried one of their more unique hair products - their Ayurvedic Hair Oil, to see whether it would give us the same - or better results than our experience with Chebeauty. While the quality is good for the price point at which they offer their hair oil, it is not exactly the competition we were hoping for. While it does help hydrate and regrow hair, we have noticed significantly less results than our previous entry - and most of our reviewers agree.

3. Heaven Butter Shea & Aloe Whipped Hair Butter

Effectiveness: 84%

Quality: 86%

Price: $$

Overall Value: B+

We wanted to test whether Heaven Butter’s hair butter lived up to its brand name. After all, its key ingredients - shea and aloe - are very well known for being perfect moisturizers that boost hair growth. But to be honest, its smell wasn’t as…heavenly…as we had expected, so maybe only use it when you're staying in for the night. But it definitely can help a lot!

4. Royal Beauty Chebe Paste

Effectiveness: 81%

Quality: 80%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: B

To be fair, this product from Royal Beauty is technically more intended for damage repair rather than hair growth. However, if you’re more concerned with repairing your hair first, then start growing it - this might be the choice for you.

5. The Magic Potions Hibiscus Hair Mask

Effectiveness: 77%

Quality: 85%

Price: $$

Overall Value: C+

One thing is for sure about this product - with its hibiscus, green apple and honeydew melon scent, it definitely hits the spot for aroma lovers. It is also a good choice for scalp blood flow stimulation. However, when we tried it out, it gave the weakest results by comparison with almost every other option. So this is going to be more of a hit-and-miss for most of you out there.


While there is a diversity of choice on the market when it comes to Black beauty products, some of the best known of which we have reviewed above, Chebeauty’s Chebe Hair Butter still remains the option we stand by the most. To provide you with more detail, we reached out to our investigative reporter Layla Perkins to see the reasoning behind her ranking.

I’ve always been looking forward to the latest trends in Black hair care in hopes of finding a product that actually works on my 4C hair. Let’s just say, I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and have become much more skeptical over time. I’m sure you know how I feel girls! That’s why my research has become more thorough and stricter than ever before.  

So when I was put on assignment to find some of the leading Afro hair growth products, I was looking forward to the experiment. I can tell you straight up that some of the well-known products didn’t make the top five list at all, since they didn’t live up to the unstoppable growth like at ALL. And worse, I noticed a lot had strong chemicals that were drying out my hair, making it look like - well - a really bad quality Halloween wig. 

So at first, I was ready to give up.

That’s when one of my girl friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while posted a new photo of herself with this glorious mane of hair - I mean, at first I couldn’t even recognize her! Last time I saw her, her hair had been in an even worse condition than mine since she was bleaching it every two months. And now, not only did she manage to have her hair lighter but it was also the thickest she had ever had! I knew I had to message her to meet up and find out what the deal was all about. 

So we agreed to grab a coffee the next day and honestly, I’m still a little skeptical - I mean, she could have had her hair photoshopped or something. But as soon as I sat down with my coffee, I saw the same glorious mane I had seen the other day on the photo when my friend walked into the coffee shop. We got talking and almost immediately after we were done with basic catching up, I asked her about the secret to her hair. She giggled and immediately searched up Chebeauty’s Chebe Hair Butter on the phone and showed it to me. She said that everyone’s been asking about this transformation and it is all thanks to this product she now swears by. She then showed me the photo of herself BEFORE she started using it, and if was even more damaged than I remembered it - very dry and thin.  

She then told me that her new hair stylist suggested it to her with 20% OFF, providing her with a discount code secret 20% off discount SECRET20 . that she told me I could actually use as well! So I ordered enough to last me three months as she had suggested.


As soon as I received my package, I immediately looked at the instructions. Use about a quarter-sized amount of product and work into hair. Make sure to avoid your scalp, while working it into the strands.

Of course, I was hoping to see results right after my first use, but as my friend also warned me, you gotta use this product everyday for about three weeks before you notice anything. 

In the meantime, I wanted to know what made Chebeauty Chebe Hair Butter do what it does best - help healthy hair growth. 


To put it simply, Chebe is a powder made with finely grinded Chadian ingredients such as Chebe seeds, cloves, lavender croton, missic stone, and samour resin. This unique powder is then used as part of hair treatment formulas, the most famous of which is Chebe butter. This traditional African recipe has been used for generations of Chadian women to maintain and enhance the health and beauty of their waist-long hair using only natural ingredients.  


Apart from the Chebe Powder, Chebe Hair Butter also includes a number of other ingredients that make it the ideal choice for any Afro-haired lady to work her hair.

Shea Butter

This authentic extract from the nut of the African shea tree is high in fatty acids and Vitamin E, meaning it is the most perfect natural moisturizer. 

Olive Oil

This seemingly common ingredient has a very soothing effect on hair, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help to moisturize and soften hair while keeping it healthy. 

Cocoa Butter

This ingredient forms a protective barrier over the hair, trapping moisture and preventing breakage, which promotes hair growth and maintains a healthy, smooth texture that makes your hair glow for days.

Chebeauty Chebe Hair Butter also includes Cupuacu Butter, Cera Bellina, and about 10 other natural ingredients that help retain moisture and stimulate growth. The number of natural ingredients you are getting at this price point is nothing short of amazing. 

Did It Finally Work?

So, finally, after 5 weeks, I decided it was time to compare my before and after… and well, I mean see for yourself! The areas of my hair that were thin and without definition are now finally looking like the magazine cover locks I’ve always wanted! Plus my hair has never felt fuller or stronger. I couldn’t believe just how well it worked for me - just when I was ready to give up!

I now completely swear by Chebeauty Chebe Hair Butter and I’m sure you will feel the same, too!

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    Louisa May

    I've been using Chebeauty for a few months now and I’m loving it

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    Never too much of this stuff.

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    My husband keeps on giving me compliments on my hair - and I can’t get enough!

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    100% can’t recommend enough!

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